After taking over from his father in 2015, current President and CEO Patrick Saladin looks set on delivering success.

In the same year, GENIE also became an FH member before moving to a 100-year-old building in Grenchen in 2018.

The company completely renovated and modernized the building to meet its watchmaking demands and in 2019, the year of the brand’s 100-year anniversary, held a grand opening of the new site.

In conversation with WatchPro, he discussed just how unique the brand itself is and how that is exemplified in the watches.

He explained: “My aim with the brand is to offer elegant and stylish Swiss made watches with a strong personality targeting the self-confident and cultivated consumer group while becoming a serious and intriguing alternative to the proposition of opportunistic brands.”

Adding: “We want to be a contemporary, modern product appealing to the needs and expectations of today’s market and offer the end-consumer a product with personality, very perfectly wearable for a long period of time, beyond fashion trends.

He went on to detail how Genie addresses itself to urban, cosmopolitan and cultivated consumers of all ages.

The brand’s biggest market is by far and away China at the moment in time, with around 900 points of sale in the region.

It also has two watch stores in Switzerland and product can also be purchased from its showroom in Grenchen or from its online shop.